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If KthulhuHimself's blog post about norminals was made today, I would have made jokes involving SpaceX and John Insprucker.

I should make a blog post that shows a detailed history of faketest.

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About me Edit

I'm a random admin of Wikia googologica who likes to help uploading photos with clouds.

My favorite pages Edit

  • List of googologisms (size order)
  • Favorite page #2 (coming soon?)
  • Favorite page #3 (I'm out of ideas)

Other things Edit

Don't touch below!!


Page patrolling link for convenience

I question copyright. Do you too?

MOAR!!?!? Edit

Seriously, the content above is just random. You may want to check the subpages listed below.

Due to an abundance of Cloudy176 subpages (with incredibly long titles), I set up this list as a replacement. If you really want to see all of my subpages go here.

  • What?: Cloudy's sandbox pages. Although some of those look more like a junkyard than a sandbox.
  • Teh Faketestz: a huge list for those who thinks the BDG isn't enough.

I'm not entirely sure how this whole thing works, but I thought I could at least help by starting this page

This is NOT where anyone can vandalize!

Actually, you can vandalize this page if you want to. Because I said so.
Now this category spam is deleted!!!!!
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