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This number is also called icosidillion in Rowlett's Greek-based naming system.[1]

Sbiis Saibian uses the term viginti-untillion for this number, since the order of terms should reverse after the 20th -illion, because on thirteen ~ nineteen the one's digit comes first, while on twenty-one and onwards the ten's digit comes first.[2]

The prefix megama- has meaning of one unvigintillion.

Examples Edit

  • The number of arrangements possible on a deck of cards is equal to 52!, which is approximately 80 unvigintillion.

List of prefixed numbers derived from vigintillion Edit

Name Short scale Long scale
unvigintillion 1066 10126
duovigintillion 1069 10132
trevigintillion 1072 10138
quattuorvigintillion 1075 10144
quinvigintillion 1078 10150
sexvigintillion 1081 10156
septenvigintillion 1084 10162
octovigintillion 1087 10168
novemvigintillion 1090 10174

Sources Edit

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