A trillion is equal to 1012 in the short scale, or 1018 in the long scale.[1]

This number is also called tetrillion in Russ Rowlett's Greek-based naming system.[2]

Donald Knuth calls this number piciad and quintyriad, and it's equal to using the -yllion system.

Jonathan Bowers calls this number quadnanillion, and it's equal to using the quad-illion system.

It is also the first -illion to exceed 1010 in the short scale.

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  • The nearest star to the Earth (besides the sun), Alpha Centauri, is over 26 trillion miles away.[3]
  • The human body contains somewhere around 50 trillion cells.[3]
  • There are roughly a trillion fish in the world.[3]
  • The SI prefix tera- multiplies by one trillion.
  • If one sandcastle contains one million grains of sand then you could make one million sandcastles with 1 trillion grains of sand.
  • 1 trillion flops or operations per second is called a teraflop.

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Quadrillion Quintillion Sextillion

Octillion Nonillion Decillion Vigintillion Trigintillion googol

Quadragintillion Centillion Quadringcentillion

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Some currencies, such as the German Papiermark and the Hungarian pengő, had banknotes with this number in the denomination.

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