A trigintillion is equal to 1093 in America, or 10180 in France and Germany.[1]

In the long scale, 1093 is called quindecilliard.

This number is also called triacontahenillion in Greek-based naming system of zillions.[2]

List of prefixed numbers derived from trigintillion

Name Short scale Long scale
1K 1n 1O
1M 1d 1N
1B 1U 1V
1t 1D 1Un
1q 1T 1Dv
1Q 1Qt 1Tv
1s 1Qd 1qv
1S 1Sd 1Qv
1o 1St 1sv


1Sv 1ov 1Nv 1Tg 1Ut 1Dt 1Tt 1qt 1Qi 1st 1Et 1Ot 1Nt 1c 1UC 1DC 1TC 1qc 1QC 1sc 1SC 1OC 1NC 1???

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