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This is the Template:Ombox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit) ([O]ther pages [m]essage [box]) metatemplate.

It is used to build message box templates for pages of the types User, Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Template, Help, Portal and any new future namespaces; i.e. for page types not covered by Template:Ambox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit), Template:Tmbox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit), Template:Imbox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit) or Template:Cmbox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit). Thus, it should not be used for boxes for articles, talk pages, image pages or category pages.

This template works almost exactly like Template:Ambox (talk<dot-separator>links<dot-separator>edit) and uses the same parameters.

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