In the Epstein system a Petillion is 1,000,0001,000,000,000,000,000.

Jonathan Bowers uses this name for a different number,somewhat smaller than a petillio-illion.

In Epstein system related names:

  • a petilliard is a thousand petillion.
  • a petillio-illion is the petillionth power of a million.
  • a petillio-illiard is a thousand petillio-illion.
  • a petillio-million is a million petillio-illion.
  • a petillio-milliard is a thousand million petillio-illion.
  • a petillia-illion is the petilliardth power of a million.
  • a petillia-million is a million petillia-illion.
  • a petillio-illio-illion is the petillio-illionth power of a million.
  • a petillio-illia-illion is the petillio-illiardth power of a million.
  • a petillia-illio-illion is the petillia-illionth power of a million.
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