A novemtrigintillion is equal to \(10^{120}\).[1]

In the long scale which is commonly used in France and Germany, \(10^{120}\) is called vigintillion.

Donald Knuth calls this number tetracontiad, and it's equal to using the -yllion system.

Jonathan Bowers calls this number quadtriacontillion, and it's equal to using the quad-illion system.

The prefix quadtena- has meaning of one novemtrigintillion.

Is the number of possible chess games

List of prefixed numbers derived from trigintillionEdit

Name Short scale Long scale
untrigintillion 1096 10186
duotrigintillion 1099 10192
tretrigintillion 10102 10198
quattuortrigintillion 10105 10204
quintrigintillion 10108 10210
sextrigintillion 10111 10216
septentrigintillion 10114 10222
octotrigintillion 10117 10228
novemtrigintillion 10120 10234

Sources Edit

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