Googolbang (occasionally spelled googol-bang) is equal to the factorial of a googol, \((10^{100})! \approx 10^{9.9565705518098 \times 10^{101}}\).[1][2][3] It is comparable to googolplex to the power of 100.

Its first few digits are 1,629,404,332,46... and it has exactly \(2.5 \times 10^{99} - 18\) trailing zeroes; the last non-zero digit is 6.

The exact number of digits is: 995,657,055,180,967,481,723,488,710,810,833,949,177,056,029,941,963,334,338,855,462,168,341,353,507,911,292,252,707,750,506,615,682,568

Etymology Edit

The name of this number can be separated into 2 parts, "googol" and "-bang", where the suffix "-bang" means factorial operation.

Sources Edit

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