This page is about Alistair Cockburn's definition. For the alternative definition, see Googolduplex.

The gargoogolplex is a googolplex squared, or \((10^{10^{100}})^2 = 10^{2\cdot10^{100}}.\)[1][2] It was invented by Kieran Cockburn (Alistair's son), when he said "My space commander rules a gargoogolplex stars. It is a googolplex googolplexes."

This number is less than \(10^{10^{101}}\). While gargoogolplex = \((10^{10^{100}})^{2}\), \(10^{10^{101}}\) = \((10^{10^{100}})^{10}\).

Gargoogolplex should be interpreted as gar-googolplex, not gargoogol-plex. The latter equals to \(10^{10^{200}}\), which is a lot larger than a gargoogolplex (which has been named gargoogol-plexed).

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