The ecetonplex is equal to E303#2 = EE303 = 1010303, using Hyper-E notation.[1][2] The name was coined by Sbiis Saibian. It is equivalent to 1 followed by a centillion zeroes. It is much larger than a googolplex. In fact an ecetonplex is greater than a googolplex raised to the power of a googol, which is (1010100)10100 = 1010200.

When Sbiis Saibian was young, he called this number centillionillion.[3] It is the only name for a large number he came up with during his childhood. Note that "centillionillion" is not a technically accurate name for this number; logically, "centillionillion" should mean the centillionth -illion, or 103*10303+3. Sbiis Saibian himself notes this on his website.

In the Epstein system,which is based on the long scale,the centillionth illion (the centillionth power of a million,or 1,000,0001,000,000100) is a centillio-illion.The 10303 power of a million is a quinquagintillia-illion.

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