A crore is equal to ten million or 10,000,000.[1] It is used in the Indian naming system. One crore is 100 lakh. Larger numbers are sometimes combinations of both, a lakh crore for example equal to one trillion. The population of countries is often expressed in crore; for example, India had a population of approximately 125.2 crore in 2013.

Sbiis Saibian gave the name pipsqueak for this number.[2]

Currency-related use Edit

Some currencies, such as the German Papiermark, the Hungarian pengő, the first Turkish lira, and the second and third Zimbabwean dollars, had banknotes with this number in the denomination.

It is also the prize for correctly answering the first fifteen questions in the Indian game show Kaun Banega Crorepati in Indian rupees.

Furthermore, it was also the prize for correctly answering all fifteen questions in the Japanese game show Quiz $ Millionaire in Japanese yen.

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