A centillion is equal to 10303 in the short scale, or 10600 in the long scale.[1] It is the largest -illion with a name that is officially considered part of the English language - the only larger number with a recognized English name is the googolplex.

For the short scale version, Sbiis Saibian offers the alternative name eceton; it is E303 in his notation.[2] Aarex Tiaokhiao gave the name cemillion, referring to the value of this number.[3]

In the long scale, 10303 is called quinquagintilliard.

The short scale version of this number is exactly equal to one thousand times (reasonably close by googological standards) googol3 and the long scale version is exactly equal to googol6.

In the vocabulary of the long scale,a thousand times this number (10603) would logically be known as a Centilliard.

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