Booga- is a prefix used on a number n to indicate \(n\uparrow^{n-2}n\) or equivalently \(n\uparrow^{n-1}2\).[1] It may also be defined as "n n-ated to n" or equivalently "n n+1-ated to 2". The term was coined by Sbiis Saibian. It is equivalent to the sequence of Chihiro numbers, and is closely related to the Ackermann function and the Ackermann numbers. In Notation Array Notation, it can be expressed as (n{2,n-2}n) or (n{2,n-1}2).

Here are some examples:

Pseudocode Edit

function hyper(a, b, n):
    if n = 1:
        return a + b
    result := b
    repeat b - 1 times:
        result := hyper(result, b, n)
    return result

function booga(n):
    return hyper(n, n, n)

Sources Edit

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