In this dream, I walked to the cabinet to take some cough medicine. Little did I know however, that I had taken the WRONG medicine by accident!

I felt a bulge and looked down, something was stirring in my trousers, like the awakening of an immense whale just a few inches below the ocean water. I heard a rumble and was thrown back into the wall as a mighty pillar of flesh bolted from my pantaloons and propelled itself halfway through the next room. I struggled to move the ever-growing dick, but my penis was becoming too massive. In five more minutes it had grown to the size of a large-skyscraper and was attracting state-wide attention as helicopters started flying, with new reporters reporting the bizaare incident.

The mammoth power of my penis had been unleashed. Millions trembled as the looming shadow of my phallus eclipsed the Sun, sending Earth into perpetual darkness. Fathers and Mothers gathered with their children to say their final goodbyes as the gravitational pull my Johnson exerted began to wrest continents up from the mantle and leave a wake of fiery destruction behind. This was the end.

- Then I woke up and looked disappointingly at my 1-inch Peter. Ah well, "maybe some day" I said forlornly as I stroked my Johnson.

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