Eight (8) is a positive integer one more than 7 and one less than 9.


8 is the second cube number, since it is equal to 23. It comes after 1 and before 27.

8 is the sixth Fibonacci number, between 5 and 13. In addition, it is the largest cubic Fibonacci number.

8 is the third power of two, between 4 and 16. As such it is used widely in computers, for instance in the octal system and the number of bits in a byte.

8 and 9 are the only non-trivial perfect powers numbers to differ by exactly 1. In addition 8 = 2^3 and 9 = 3^2. 8 is equal to 4!!, the double factorial of 4.

8 is a power of two.

In googology Edit

Some googologisms based on 8 are superoct and octoogol.

In Greek- and Latin-based number naming systems, 8 is associated with prefix octi-.

Donald Knuth calls this number octiad, and it's equal to using the -yllion system.

8 can be named bwo with the -wo series.

8 can be named "dugartwo" with the dugar- prefix.

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