600 is the largest number with a Roman numeral, which is also a hexadecimal representation for a smaller number.

Furthermore, it is the largest pronic number with a single nonzero digit.

In Abjad numerals, it is written with the letter ḫāʾ.

In Babylonian numerals, it was written with the same sign as the number 10.

In Greek numerals, it is written with the letter chi.

In Japanese, it is called “roppyaku”.

A "long mease" is equal to 600.

In the elevator industry Edit

It was also a common weight rating (in kilograms) for elevators, but it has been increased to 630, except for Japan and South Korea.

Furthermore, it is (or was) a common step width (in millimeters) for escalators; the other ones are 800, 1,000 and sometimes 900.

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