Twenty-seven (27) is a positive integer one more than 26 and one less than 28.

Properties Edit

  • 27 is an odd number w/ composite number and a perfect power 33.
  • 27 is the 3rd cube number.
  • 27 is equal to triangle(3) in Steinhaus-Moser notation.
  • 27 can be named "boogathree" with the booga- prefix or "fzthree" with the fz- prefix or "dugarthree" with the dugar- prefix.

In googology Edit

Since 27 is equal to 3 3-ated to 3 ({3, 3, 3} in the old version of BEAF), it occurs naturally when plugging threes into googological functions based on hyper-operators. For example, tritri is a power tower of 327 threes.

Googological functions returning 27 Edit


In popular culture Edit

In songs by parody artist "Weird Al" Yankovic the number 27 appears more than would be expected, it was in fact coincidental at first but when it was brought to his attention Weird Al decided to deliberately insert references whenever possible to the number.

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