Twenty-five (25) is a positive integer one more than 24 and one less than 26. Its ordinal form is written "25th" or "twenty-fifth".

Properties Edit

25 is an odd number.

25 is the 5th square number.

25 is the result of the Pythagorean triple 32+42 or 9+16=25.

Counting to 25 using fingers Edit

It is possible to extend standard counting system so that it can count up to 25. The matter is that when we bend first five fingers on the one hand, we bend one on another hand and unbend all on the first. Extension of this method can be used to count all the way to 1,023, using powers of 2.

In googology Edit

It can be named garfive with the gar- prefix.

As a cash denomination Edit

Some currencies, such as the Aruban florin and the Netherlands Antillean guilder, have banknotes with this number in the denomination.

Some currencies, such as the Costa Rican colón and the Uzbekistani soʻm, have coins with this number in the denomination.

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