Fourteen (14) is a positive integer one more than 13 and one less than 15.


14 is a semiprime composite number, being the product of 2 and 7. The next number, 15, is also semiprime, being 3*5. This is the second such pair after 9 and 10.

14 is the third square pyramidal number (between 5 and 30).

A set of 14 objects is occasionally called a poulter's dozen, analogous to the terms "dozen" and "baker's dozen".

In googology Edit

In Greek-based number-naming systems, 14 is associated with prefix "tetradeka-", and with prefix "quattuordec-" in Latin systems.

Sbiis Saibian calls the number tetraxis, and it's equal to 10+4 using the addition.

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