-platon is a prefix used on a number n to indicate -ar(n).[1][2] It was invented by Stephen Houben, who asked, when hearing about the gar- prefix:

Examples Edit


(1)platon gar(1)
(2)platon bar(2)
(3)platon trar(3)
(4)platon quadrar(4)
(5)platon quintar(5)
(6)platon sextar(6)
(7)platon septar(7)
(8)platon octar(8)
(9)platon nonar(9)
(10)platon decar(10)
(100)platon centar(100)
(1000)platon millar(1000)
(10100)platon googolar(10100)
(1010100)platon googolplexar(1010100)

Alistair Cockburn has kept gar- as the former, and named the latter "-platon".

The first 3 values of x-platon are 1, 4, 7,625,597,484,987.

Sources Edit

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